I came into Poiema having already been a professional television writer for several years.

After working for five seasons on two different shows, I found myself faced with a major shift in my career path. I was at a professional crossroads and in need of guidance and support, both creatively and spiritually… So when the Poiema opportunity presented itself, I was enthusiastically on board. Dean and Sheryl… were with me every step of the way, from breaking the story to outlining the script to the always-tedious process of rewrites… But just as valuable as their creative input has been their spiritual and emotional support… Through Poiema, Dean and Sheryl have created not just a class but a community…

– J. G.

(As a result of the original pilot script written with Poiema, this writer was hired as a co-producer on a hit cable show.)


Working with Dean Batali and Sheryl Anderson in the Poiema Project was a dream come true.

Their goal to improve both our craft and our spiritual walk was achieved with flying colors…

Each session was conducted like a real writers’ room giving us first-hand experience navigating the situations that come up in this kind of environment. In addition, we often discussed what it looked like to integrate our faith into our work and visa versa… The spec script I wrote while in the program got me into the Warner Bros. Fellowship. Poiema is making an impact!

– K.S.

(A script written with Poiema earned this writer a place in the the Warner Bros. Workshop, which led to a staff writer job on a network TV show, followed by a second staff writing job.)