Writers are chosen to participate in Poiema based on the quality of their writing, their spiritual maturity, and their potential to get paid work in the entertainment industry.  The application process varies, but can include: submission of previously written material, a written application (including a statement of faith), recommendations, and personal interviews.Poiema mentors work with TV and film writers — both individually and in groups — to come up with a viable script idea, break the story, write an outline, and then complete several drafts of a feature script, TV spec script, or pilot.

The process can take anywhere from six weeks to three or four months, with meetings two or three times per month, and is complete when both the writer and the mentors feel that the writer has written his or her best script possible.In return for this intense amount of free, hands-on mentoring and education, Poiema writers agree to pay a small percentage of their future salary as writers (up to a set limit) back into the Wedgwood Circle fund supporting this program.

See the Poiema MOU for more information about the financial agreement.


• Show strong potential for a career as a screenwriter.

• Have written at least three television spec scripts (for TV writers) or two full-length screenplays (for film writers).

• Regularly attend church.

Special consideration will be given to applicants who have worked in Hollywood (as assistants, for example, or on production crews) and who have already established connections in the entertainment industry.